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14-Year-Old Shooting Suspect At DeSoto County Fair To Be Tried As Adult

Ryan Watson Jr., the 15 year old suspect involved in the tragic shooting of 17-year-old Daniel Rodriguez Lopez at the DeSoto County Fair, is to be tried as an adult. According to state law in Florida, those culprits aged 14 years or older who commit felonies such as arson, robbery, kidnapping or murder can all be charged as adults. Although no clear motive has been uncovered yet by police, it is speculated that a fight may have broken out at the festival before the gun was fired. Many local residents expressed their shock and surprise that such a tragedy could occur in their small community. Questions still remain surrounding how Watson got access to a gun and to whom it belonged. He will remain in juvenile detention in Sarasota until Wednesday evening when he will be sent back to DeSoto County.