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Attorney General Consumer Alert -Covid Vaccination Card Scam

Charlotte County Sheriffs Office 
COVID-19 vaccinations are a hot topic around the nation as they attempt to quickly vaccinate the population.
❗When you receive your vaccination, please remember that you should not be posting your CDC vaccination card on social media. ????This info can be used by scammers who would use the document to steal your identity.
Attorney General Moody is offering the following tips as reminders for Floridians on how to safely share information on social media:
????Instead of sharing vaccination cards, show off the vaccine sticker given during the appointments, upload a video of receiving the vaccine or use a Got My Vaccine profile picture frame;
????Do not post anything that contains personal or identifying information online;
????Be wary of viral social media trends that often highlight a user’s assortment of favorite things. Know these trends are often commonly used to inspire passwords or security questions; and
????Always use strong passwords on all accounts—include numbers and special characters.