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Burn Ban Has Been Lifted In DeSoto County

DeSoto County, FL
Burn Ban has been lifted. Please be safe and use caution when burning outdoors.
Yard Waste Burning:
You may burn yard waste as long as…
~~You meet the required setbacks (see image) and no local city or county ordinances prohibit burning.
~~The yard waste was generated on your property and it will fit in an 8-foot diameter pile or non-combustible container.
~~The fire is ignited after 9 a.m. and is extinguished one hour before sunset.
Large Pile Burns (piles greater than 8 feet in diameter) will require…
~~an authorization from the Florida Forest Service
~~suppression equipment on hand and
~~additional setback requirements.
Outdoor Burning Tips:
Clear an area down to bare soil around your pile to prevent the fire from spreading.
Fire should be set back:
25 feet from forests
50 feet from paved public roads
25 feet from your house
150 feet from other occupied buildings
NOTE: It is illegal to burn household garbage including paper products, treated lumber, plastics, rubber materials, tires, pesticides, paint, and aerosol containers.
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