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COVID Cases On The Rise In Charlotte County


Charlotte County Florida is seeing a rise in COVID 19 infections this week. The cases are up 30% this week from last March 14th thru the 27th. Covid 19 Mutations are reportedly causing the jump.

Health Chief Joe Pepe Charlotte County Health Director said Tuesday at his Facebook Live pandemic update with Charlotte County Television that the the main cause is focused on recent Spring break celebrations. He also added a greater risk in middle aged individuals who are going with out masks and not staying socially distant.

Currently, 77% of people age 65 and over in Charlotte County are vaccinated, Pepe said. Of people 50 and over, 62% are vaccinated.

Of main concern are the is the increase in genetic variants that may not be well controlled by current vaccines.  Variants from the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil are Covid variants being monitored.

On a more optimistic note, Pepe said that overall the Covid infection trend overall is heading downward due to populations getting vaccinated.