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DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce Shows Support for Arcadia Police Department’s “Shop with a Cop” Program


ARCADIA,December 17, 2024 — In a heartwarming display of community solidarity, the DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce recently had the privilege of contributing to the Arcadia Police Department’s “Shop with a Cop” Program. The Chamber of Commerce, recognizing the invaluable efforts of the police force in brightening the holiday season for local children, made a generous donation to support this impactful initiative.

The “Shop with a Cop” Program, a beloved annual tradition in Arcadia, aims to foster positive relationships between law enforcement officers and the community while spreading holiday cheer to underprivileged children. The program allows law enforcement officials to accompany children on a special shopping trip, providing them with the opportunity to select gifts for themselves and their families.

The DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce, committed to enhancing the well-being of the local community, expressed its gratitude for the Arcadia Police Department’s dedication to making a positive impact. The donation from the Chamber is intended to bolster the program, ensuring that even more children experience the joy of the holiday season.

In a statement, the Chamber of Commerce spokesperson remarked, “We are honored to support the Arcadia Police Department’s ‘Shop with a Cop’ Program. The selfless efforts of our local law enforcement officers go beyond their daily duties, and we are proud to contribute to initiatives that bring happiness to the lives of children in our community.”

The Arcadia Police Department expressed its appreciation for the Chamber’s contribution, emphasizing the importance of community partnerships in making such programs successful. Chief Amanda Rodriguez stated, “The support from the DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce is a testament to the strength of our community bonds. We are grateful for their generosity, which will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of the children participating in ‘Shop with a Cop."”

As the holiday season approaches, the collaboration between the DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce and the Arcadia Police Department serves as a shining example of how local organizations can come together to create lasting positive impacts on the community.

The Chamber encourages residents to join in supporting the “Shop with a Cop” Program and other community initiatives during this festive season. Together, these collective efforts embody the spirit of giving and kindness that defines the holiday season in Arcadia.