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DeSoto County Hurricane Ian Recovery Updates 10/11/22


DeSoto County Hurricane Ian Recovery Updates 10/11/22

The DeSoto County School District announced that schools will be opening soon, but they will be doing so in two phases.

Phase 1 will include the schools with a normal ‘bell schedule:

  • Memorial Elementary School
  • West Elementary School
  • DeSoto Middle School
  • DeSoto Secondary School
  • DeSoto Virtual Academy

Phase 2 includes DeSoto County High School and Nocatee Elementary School; both have a projected reopen date (October 24 – November 7, 2022) due to extensive damage to their buildings.

They will be announcing a more concise date next week, once they can survey the damage and speed of repairs.

DeSoto County Animal Services has some pets that were separated from their families during Hurricane Ian. If you come to claim your pet you’ll need to answer a few questions or show proof with photos to claim ownership.
Animal Services is open 7 days a week at this time from 8-4 PM.
If you know someone that needs dog/cat food or kitty litter, please let them know to stop by Animal Services at McKay Street, in Arcadia,

Local Authorities want to remind you that The TURNER CENTER is OPEN for as a SHELTER for residents.
It’s VERY COLD, please bring blankets! Bring food and drink for your family. Pets are acceptable in crates.
South Florida State College is open for Special Needs.
If you have an Questions you can Call 863-993-4831