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Do you need help with your FEMA Appeal?


f you were affected by Hurricane Ian, have filed a FEMA application for assistance, and were denied or under-awarded, you should appeal.

SBA can help

We provide FREE support throughout the appeals process. A skilled FL local will guide you through the process and file the appeal on your behalf. All you need to do is provide information, review the appeal we draft, and add your signature.

Give Us A Call If

• You applied for FEMA assistance and received an initial award or response letter .
• You were denied an SBA loan, are still awaiting a response from SBA, or were not requested by FEMA to apply for a loan .
• You did not have flood insurance, or your coverage was less than
• You occupied the home at the time of the disaster.

To connect with our nonprofit support team for FREE assistance:

1 {800) 276-9511 􀀁 [email protected]