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Florida Fish And Wildlife Wants You To Know Your Snakes

Can You Sssspot the Indigo Snake? 🐍
End of summer means indigo snakes will be on the move in northern parts of the state as they move between seasonal habitats. The eastern indigo snake has a glossy blue-black appearance that makes it easy to confuse with other dark-colored snake species. To keep you on your toes, we’d like to see if you can correctly identify an indigo in a crowd of their look-alikes!
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Here are all the answers:
1️⃣ The black racer has a thinner, slender body with white markings under the chin and large, dark amber eyes.
2️⃣ The eastern hognose can look like a black snake, and has a shorter, thicker body with an upturned snout with white markings under the chin.
3️⃣ The eastern indigo snake is recognized by its iridescent blue and purple sheen, as well as the red, orange or white coloring of the chin and throat.
4️⃣ In some areas of the state, eastern coachwhips can have a black head and neck which tapers to a tan body and tail.
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