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Free Mosquito Traps Available At DeSoto County Library


Are you struggling to keep mosquitoes away?! We have free INZECTO Mosquito Traps at The DeSoto County Library. They are available during library hours, 2 per household.

INZECTO provides a new and effective way to tackle one of the major challenges we all are facing at a global level: how to coexist with urban insects and control their expansion. These urban insects are not only annoying pests but spread dangerous diseases.  INZECTO was developed to safely control the insect population while preserving the environment. 



Urban insects are thriving and evolving. As urban areas expand and we experience warmer climates, insect populations continue to grow in numbers. Over time insects have developed a resistance to pesticides and traditional pest control systems, such as fogging or spraying. These methods are no longer sustainable due to their negative impact on the environment and harmful effects on humans and wildlife. That’s where INZECTO comes in. 


INZECTO was created to solve the current problem of utilizing toxic levels of pesticides to control the insect population.

We believe in combining the best scientific knowledge in entomology, material science, and chemistry. We offer new, simple, and cost-effective pest control products and systems to protect you and your family from annoying and dangerous insects while preserving the environment.  INZECTO products are proven harmless to humans, wildlife, and beneficial insects.

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