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Hardee County Sheriff’s Office Makes Arrest In Child Pornography Case

Arrest Made in Child Pornography Case
On February 23, 2024, the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office arrested Michael Edward Lynn (34) following a cyber tip that alleged he was distributing child pornography through the KiK Messenger application. Detective Alice Fletcher, leading the investigation, uncovered compelling evidence indicating Mr. Lynn’s involvement in the possession and transmission of child pornography.
Mr. Lynn has been charged with the following offenses: 1) Possession of Child Pornography (F3), 2) Transmission of Child Pornography (F3), and 3) Possession of Obscene Materials (M1).
He is currently detained at the Hardee County Jail, where he will not have access to electronic devices capable of viewing and transmitting harmful material to anyone for a very long time.
Sheriff Crawford emphasizes the importance of vigilance among parents regarding the dangers associated with applications often downloaded by children. Incidents such as these underscore the critical need for parental oversight and education regarding online safety. Individuals like Mr. Lynn prey on vulnerable children through these platforms, making it imperative for parents to be actively involved in monitoring their children’s online activities.
Furthermore, Sheriff Crawford commends Detective Alice Fletcher for her exemplary dedication and professionalism in conducting an extensive and thorough investigation that resulted in the apprehension of this child predator. Detective Fletcher’s commitment to protecting our community and ensuring the safety of our children is commendable and reflects the values of the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office.
The Hardee County Sheriff’s Office remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding our community, particularly our most vulnerable members. We encourage anyone with information regarding similar illicit activities to come forward and report it immediately to law enforcement.