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Message To DeSoto County Water Customers

DeSoto County Water CUSTOMERS:
We are asking for your voluntary effort to conserve water for the next 30 days due to water facility maintenance projects in our region. These projects will temporarily impact the treatment and delivery of normally available water quantities. You can help during this time by doing what you can to limit your public supply water usage over the next couple of weeks. Reducing regional demand on a temporary basis can make a big difference as projects are completed.
Here are some simple water-saving measures you can implement:
• Shorter showers – five minutes or less
• Turn the water off when brushing teeth or not in use
• Minimize irrigation
• Forego washing the car
• Flush the toilet less
• Fix leaks around the house
Did you know?
DeSoto County is member government of the Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority, along with Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee Counties. The Authority also serves the City of North Port. This interconnected regional water supply is a great asset providing a reliable and redundant water supply to the region.