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The Grinch Hasn’t Spoiled Christmas After All!


DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department
After the unfortunate theft from DeSoto County Toys For Tots, everyone came together with open hearts and overflowing generosity. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau took charge, sparking a friendly competition among squads to gather toys, and WOW did they deliver! Just look at the towering pile of joy around our Christmas tree! 🎄

Thanks to the unwavering support of the DCSO staff and the incredible generosity from the community, we’ve filled the Toys for Tots truck to the brim and sent it on its merry way! ✨

But the magic doesn’t stop there! The DeSoto County Sheriff’s lobby’s toy drop-off box is open 24/7, eagerly awaiting more gifts to brighten the holidays for the children. If you prefer, you can also contribute through a quick and secure monetary donation by scanning the QR code in our lobby. Every contribution counts, and together we’ll continue making a difference one toy at a time! 🎁