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How to help communities affected by Hurricane Dorian

The International Red Cross believes as many as 13,000 homes have been severely damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. Because it's hard to get in touch with people on the ground, those numbers are just estimates. The storm, which was stationary over Grand Bahama... Read More.

8chan struggles to stay online after links to mass shootings

8chan, an online forum linked to a range of disturbing content including several white supremacist mass shooters' manifestoes, briefly resurfaced Tuesday morning after it went down Sunday night. Minutes after coming back online, it went dark once again.The day after a hate-filled screed... Read More.

Justin Trudeau makes historic visit to Canadian gay bar

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau geared up for his country's Pride Weekend by stopping by a gay bar Monday night, surprising customers there — and making history, according to local reports. Trudeau may be the first prime minister to visit a gay bar, but... Read More.