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DeSoto County Sheriff Warns Residents Of Ongoing Scam

Attention DeSoto County residents, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office needs your help in spreading the word about an ongoing scam in our community.
We’ve recently come across an alarming scam targeting individuals throughout the county. The scam involves a suspicious follow-up on a sponsored survey. Here’s what you need to know:
1. You may receive a notice instructing you to confirm via text message upon receiving the notice.
2. The scam involves a check that you’re instructed to deposit in your bank upon receiving a package.
3. The notice falsely claims that the funds will be available in your account within hours or the next business day.
4. It then advises you to withdraw the cash and make multiple money orders.
5. To add to the pressure, the notice threatens a Task Force visit if you delay in confirming receipt.
The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office wants to make it crystal clear to the public that this is a SCAM. 🚫 We are committed to protecting our community from these misleading tactics. If you or anyone you know has received such a fraudulent notification, please report it immediately by contacting us at 863-993-4700. Your cooperation is crucial in helping us put an end to this scam.
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