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Sunseeker Resort Announced To Restart

Allegiant Air plans to resume the Sunseeker Project in Charlotte Harbor.  The plans were announced on Wednesday.More information is to be released early next month as to the project time table to resuming construction. There is also rumored to be discussion about golf course... Read More.

A Possible Restart For Sunseeker Resort

Allegiant Airline has rumored that construction will restart on its Sunseeker resort on Charlotte Harbor possibly before 2022.The announcement was made by Company President John Redmond at the first quarter shareholder's conference call earlier this week.Despite the announcement... Read More.

Sunseeker Development Gets Green Light to Extend Permits

Building permits for the Sunseeker resort were set to expire on Dec. 31 but an emergency request has moved the expiration date to next year.The $470 million construction project initiated by Allegiant Air was halted in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic.